Are you a long-time user of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari? Do you wish to switch to a lightweight browser this year but do not know which one to pick?

All the impressive features of the world’s best web browsers come with a huge trade-off: The browsers need to consume a huge chunk of your computer’s system resources.

Though there are ways to address high CPU usage, it may be wiser to switch to a lightweight alternative. But how do you pick the best lightweight browser from the numerous options out there?

Continue reading below as we give you our recommendations for the best lightweight browsers for your Mac or PC.

The Top Lightweight Browser for Your Mac

As we mentioned earlier, there are several options available when it comes to lightweight web browsers for your Mac. Each of the finest options has its strengths and advantages. However, if we are to pick only one, it has to be the Maxthon Browser.

Not only is it low on CPU usage, but it is also one of the most user-friendly options out there. For starters, the Maxthon Browser lets you download Facebook and YouTube videos with ease.  All you need to do is to place your cursor over the video and click on the download sign that will appear on the screen.

It comes with a useful toolbar with key buttons like Downloads, notes, RSS feeds, and Favorites.

It also features a smart reader mode, a night mode, and screen capture. It also comes with a private mode to ensure your privacy when browsing.

But the main feature that makes the Maxthon Browser shine is its cloud-based service. It lets you synchronize between different OS platforms. It can detect data between two or more devices.

Simply create an account on Maxthon’s cloud-based service and you’re good to go.

Maxthon Browser also works even if you are using Windows on Mac. Visit to run Windows on your Mac computer.

Other Notable Options

In case the Maxthon Browser doesn’t suit your taste, there are other notable alternatives to consider. The first one is Brave. This lightweight browser sets itself apart from its contemporaries by pulling off an interesting move.

The creators of Brave decided to block all sorts of ads by default.

This move increased the browser’s page loading speed. It is capable of loading pages by as much as six times faster than Firefox and Chrome.

Moreover, Brave also does a great job of blocking malware and phishing attacks. If there is a downside to brave, it shares the same problems as Chrome. This is because the creators patterned it from Chrome’s engine.

Another worthy alternative is Seamonkey. If Brave takes after Chrome’s engine, Seamonkey uses the same code as Firefox. It comes with different features that you may find useful.

These include an IRC chat, an email client, a newsgroup, and an HTML editor. These features make it an excellent choice if you work in a corporate setting.

The Best Lightweight Browser for Your Windows PC

When it comes to the best lightweight browser for Windows users, UR Browser is our top pick. It is no doubt one of the fastest browsers you will find. It doesn’t load any unnecessary items like tracking scripts and ads.

Since it doesn’t use much of your computer’s resources, it is the perfect browser for older PCs.

Furthermore, it comes with an integrated virus scanner. It also does a great job of protecting your data privacy. It also uses a built-in VPN, automatic HTTP redirects, and a search engine that focuses on privacy.

Additionally, downloading is also a breeze with the UR Browser. Its download speed clocks in four times faster than your standard browsers.

It also gives you the freedom to customize. You can personalize your browser by applying HD images as wallpapers.

You can also personalize your home screen by using widgets. You can apply widgets of your favorite social media sites, as well as news and weather sources.

Speaking of news, UR Browser filters the news that appears on your home screen. The stories go through UR Browser’s strict guidelines to keep you away from fake news.

Other Notable Options

Much like with Mac, there are also several alternatives that are noteworthy for PC users. If you are a light to moderate browser, Midori is an excellent substitute. Despite consuming fewer resources, this open-source browser still packs a punch.

It features RSS support, HTML5 support, and anonymous browsing. You can also enjoy tabbed browsing and use its spell checker feature.

But what makes Midori stand out is its simple user interface. This is the perfect alternative especially for people who are not that tech-savvy.

In case your computer knowledge is on the advanced level, you will never go wrong with Lynx. Interestingly, Lynx is one of the oldest browsers that remain today. Despite its two-decade-long existence, Lynx still competes at a high level.

It features command-line tools that are easy to understand. It only requires a few commands to execute the tasks that you want. Moreover, it comes with easy navigation through the use of keyboard arrows.

Being a text-based browser, it doesn’t use any images. This means it doesn’t demand a lot from your PC’s memory.

But if you are big on watching videos and listening to music, Torch is your best bet. It features “Torch Music,” a built-in streaming service that is akin to YouTube.  The service lets you access all the songs that you want on YouTube.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in torrent downloader. This allows you to download multimedia content from other sites.

Unleash the Power of Your Computer

By using the best lightweight browser, you can increase the speed of your Mac or PC while enjoying a smooth transition. Since you are now using a lightweight browser, your next goal is to use your computer to its full potential.

Check out our different blog posts on Macs and PCs. We share different tips and tricks to help you unleash the power of your computer.