MJBizDaily  write of this new type of private public partnership that Harvest say they want to replicate countrywide

“Harvest – a cannabis dispensary and cultivation company based in Arizona – was able to include the arrangement in the company’s application for one of 15 grower licenses that the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission will eventually award.

“If it works, we hope to replicate it” when applying for licenses in other states, said Steve White, the CEO and founding partner of Harvest.

He rejected the assertion that offering the town an equity stake is a bribe, as local officials have no say in who wins MMJ business licenses.
“If it’s a bribe, then it’s to the wrong people, because it’s the state that will decide who gets the licenses,” White said. “If we offered a stake to the commission, then it would be a bribe.”

White went on to say that there are “no strings attached.”

“We don’t expect any preferential treatment,” he said. “We want to be treated just like any other company.”

Full Report  http://mjbizdaily.com/company-seeking-mmj-license-wins-town-offering-equity-stake-cultivation-site/

Also link to (C.J. Lovelace/Reporter/Recorded on Sept. 15, 2015)
Where Steve White, CEO of Harvest Inc., and Mayor Daniel Murphy talk about a Thursday night’s meeting to provide more information to locals about Harvest’s proposed medical-marijuana facility in Hancock.

Here’s White’s LINKED IN PAGE

And here’s his law firm White Berberian