Authored By: Rob Hendrix, Owner Cannabis Central LLC

This industry is not for everyone. Its difficult, still controversial and depending on your location, loaded with roadblocks and impediments like no other industry in the World! I would like to dive into the controversial part of this business.

Controversial, what that really means is that it is misunderstood, fraught with alternative information and in many cases, positively despised. What I have learned over the years, however, is that many if not most of the Cannabis haters in my universe cannot articulate a cohesive argument against the legalization of adult-use Cannabis. They feel incredibly strong about their feelings against the plant, but cannot tell you why. And that has to be okay with you/us.

I learned literally years ago not to argue with those who are uncomfortable with me, my shop and what we’re attempting to do. Largely, their concerns or even fears are based largely out of ignorance. And you want to know something? Five years ago, I would have been uncomfortable too.

I am a father, a grandfather, a coach, a 30 year community member. I want my town to be safe and I want very much for my hometown to be a great place to have and raise a family. I was concerned with the potential negative effects legal access to Cannabis may bring. As the owner of a State-legal Cannabis shop in Washington State, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to run the shop by the book and follow every single law, rule, regulation and WAC to the very best of my ability, no matter how I feel about these rules, regulations and laws personally. This is still not a mainstream indusrty, it is most certainly not. And until it is, we have to be doing it better and cleaner than the other guys in business.

The medical uses of Cannabis is a “gateway” to respectability. I have had many converts over the years come to me and tell me how some of our many products has helped family members in one way or another. I have been patient and I have attempted to understand where people who have concerns are coming from. I have been a good neighbor. I have been respectful of my landlord’s other businesses. I have attended parent group meetings where people ask many questions and attempt to explain their many concerns. I tell them that in many cases, I too have those same concerns. This is very simply and in all circumstances and an adult us ONLY product.

If we really believe that, you can allay many people of their many fears and concerns. But we must be patient, mature, adult and understanding. We must be the good neighbor.

Rob Hendrix, Owner

Cannabis Central LLC

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