Article: “If not me, Then who?” Cannabis Companies aim to aid Ukraine

Certain cannabis companies are aiding Ukraine through donations to various charities, given the current humanitarian crisis.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine, the world reacted with condemnations, sanctions and more. According to The Washington Post, Germany stopped a pipeline transporting natural gas from Russia to Germany; Israel offered humanitarian assistance; and the United Nations pleaded with Putin to stop aggressions.

The U.S. imposed sanctions, according to ABC Newsand Russian carriers are no longer allowed in American airspaces. As a result of these sanctions, gas prices are rising as Biden is boycotting Russian energy.

Individual states also leaned towards banning Russian-made vodkas like New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and more, according to NBC News.

Cannabis companies are also doing their part to aid Ukraine. Many — including Helmand Valley Growers Company, MediThrive, and Lime — are donating a percentage of their profits to certain charities that support the Ukrainian people, whether it be through meals, medical supplies or general relief.

Helmand Valley Growers Company and its Veteran Mission

Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) is a veteran-owned and operated cannabis business that sells vape cartridges and pre-rolls. Corey Potter, director of sales, said that the company wants to put an end to the opiate and suicide epidemic, specifically in the veteran community.

“We are a service organization that just happens to sell cannabis,” Potter said.

According to Potter, the money the HVGC makes goes towards funding veterans medical cannabis research to find a viable solution to the opioid crisis.

Currently, the company is also focused on raising funds to help organizations in Ukraine.

“When it’s an emergency, there’s no time to wait,” Potter said, speaking about HVGC donations to World Central Kitchen (WCK).

WCK is a charity organization that provides chef-prepared meals to communities in need. They currently support Ukraine, Tonga, Afghan refugees, Venezuelan refugees and families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“WCK is first to the frontlines,” their website stated. “Cooking and eating together is what makes us human.” They send cooks to places in need as they see food as hope, comfort and care.

Potter and his team were inspired to support WCK after they saw a news report of a mother who walked nonstop for days carrying her young daughter with cerebral palsy until she reached a train for hospice kids.

The team tried to put themselves in the mother’s shoes, especially team members with children. They wanted to make an impact with food – as everybody must eat.

Potter said that WCK has tents set up in Ukraine, and they can’t hand the food out fast enough. They’re hoping their donations make a change for the millions of starving refugees and internally displaced Ukrainians.

The Growers’ Impact

Potter will be donating a portion of HVGC’s weekly sales to WCK. The fundraiser started March 15th  and will tentatively last until the end of April.

All stores selling HVGC products in California are participating. Though the business is still small, they stretch from San Diego up to the Bay Area and out through the desert.

“If not me, Then who?” Cannabis Companies aim to aid Ukraine

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