Article – Leafdesk: Arizona cannabis legalisation up in smoke

Here’s the introduction, ummm! is al we can say.

Arizona’s hopes of legalising cannabis for recreational use have been dealt a severe blow with the appointment of one the USA’s most fervent anti-weed crusaders to the state’s Supreme Court.

Bill Montgomery was sworn in last week amid concerns for impartiality over his unashamed bias over marijuana prosecutions.

The former Gulf War tank commander has been a lifelong opponent of cannabis since seeing his own father jailed for smuggling the drug across the Texas border.

Many believe the Maricopa County Attorney’s private war on marijuana is driven by the toxic relationship between him and his late father – a former truck driver who was also once shot during an argument over a woman before leaving the family home.

His hard line on drugs is almost as legendary as it is unforgiving. As is his vociferous support for the death penalty.

“As long as there are horrific murders reflecting the worst of crimes, there will be a role for the death penalty as a just and proportionate punishment,” he recently wrote. 

In France’s Le Monde newspaper, he also reportedly described modern executions as being “too antiseptic” to deliver satisfaction to the justice system and victims of crime.

Electric chair

“It would be good to return to earlier methods like the gas chamber or electric chair,” he said.

“Personally, I would prefer the firing squad.”

The 52-year-old Republican is even tough on medical marijuana use, and has been known to attempt to prosecute people for narcotics violations over the use of infused candies.


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