Article: Opinions | The Facts on Colorado Proposition 122

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In this Opinions piece, Joshua Kappel and Tucker Wentz of law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP attempt to address criticisms of the Proposition.

The Natural Medicine Health Act (NMHA or Prop 122), if passed, will create a transformative model where adults in Colorado will have access to the healing powers of natural psychedelic medicines through a state-regulated program and through a personal use model that provides for community-based healing. No sales will be allowed under either model. The measure has been criticized by both those inside the psychedelic community and those on the outside – mostly pointing to the same provisions of the measure arguing it is either too liberal or too restrictive.

The true beauty of this dual-access approach is that we can truly meet everyone where they are – some in Colorado need safe, regulated, and supervised access to natural psychedelics and some could never imagine using psychedelics outside of their close-knit community. The NMHA regulated care model allows professionally trained, licensed, and accountable facilitators to effectuate a similar program as what we see at John Hopkins and through the MAPS protocol – a model where individuals who do not have a personal experience with psychedelics can seek compassionate care in clinical settings that feel safe, comfortable, and familiar.

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Opinions | The Facts on Colorado Proposition 122

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