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Here’s a chart Quartz compiled

StateGrower tax, flowerGrower tax, trimExcise and sales taxes
Alaska$50/oz$15/ozBy locality
California$9.25/oz$2.75/ozBy locality
ColoradoNoneNone15% on sales from grower to retailer; 15% on retail sales
MassachusettsNoneNone10.75% state excise tax; local sales tax capped at 3%
NevadaNoneNone15% on sales from grower to retailer; 10% on retail sales
OregonNoneNone17% state excise tax; local sales tax capped at 3%
Washington StateNoneNone37% state sales tax

According to the Tax Policy Center, a partnership between the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, states with marijuana taxes put a portion of the funds toward the following:

  • Alaska steers 50% of its cannabis revenues to its general fund, and 50% to crime reduction programs.
  • California uses its cannabis revenues for administrative costs related to legalization, with extra funds going toward economic development, academic studies, and youth programs.
  • Colorado earmarks its cannabis revenues for education.
  • Massachusetts pays for various public safety programs with the cannabis taxes it collects.
  • Nevada uses its cannabis revenues for education programs and to supplement its rainy day fund.
  • Oregon finances education and drug treatment-and-prevention programs with its cannabis revenues, with some going to local governments.
  • Washington State uses its cannabis revenues for healthcare.