Article – The Africa Report: Lesotho: Africa’s budding medicinal cannabis cultivation

Lesotho has launched its first contract scheme for growing medicinal cannabis, a sign of the boom in medical marijuana projects in Africa.

Highlands Investments, a cultivator of medical cannabis – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – is only able to sell and ship products to markets and customers who are legally entitled to receive products in their markets.

Therefore, according to Mark Corbett – the managing director of Highlands Investments, from Lesotho – THC medical cannabis output is generally bound for the EU and Australian markets, where medical cannabis is legal.

In January, Highlands launched Canna-Tract, which is billed as Africa’s first cannabis contract-cultivation scheme.

Clients pay either $180,000 per half hectare or $300,000 per full hectare upfront or in instalments, then contract Highlands Investments to grow commercial volumes of medical-grade cannabis at its two sites in Lesotho.

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