Article: The Brookings Institute – Merrick Garland, cannabis policy, and restorative justice

Here’s the introduction to their op-ed

During his confirmation hearing this week, attorney general nominee Merrick Garland spoke openly about his views on cannabis enforcement in the United States. Although he took a stand similar to his predecessor, William Barr, that low-level cannabis crimes would not be a priority of the Justice Department, Judge Garland went further, highlighting the inequities in the system and the socioeconomic effects of those law enforcement efforts. If confirmed, Mr. Garland has the opportunity to transform the nation’s relationship with cannabis, but a series of important steps are necessary to achieve that goal.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) asked Judge Garland about racial disparities in law enforcement general and in cannabis enforcement specifically. Mr. Garland seized on the latter, stating:

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Merrick Garland, cannabis policy, and restorative justice

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