26 April 2017

The article goes on to say

Dark web drug markets show us the way we need to be driving the debate, the technology and the conversation. Brilliantly disruptive and perfectly reliable in many cases, dark net markets, even with their complex layers of obfuscating technology, are still immensely popular. They offer great convenience, reliability, and safety in comparison to physical drug markets, say users. To that you can add quality, variety, and even anonymity, should you want it.

Here at Cannabis Law Report we are pretty sure that people like Amazon have already thought this out and we’d be very surprised if roll out plans haven’t already been planned. It won’t be the tech that’ll be the problem it’ll be the supply and logistics of primary producer to wholesaler that will pose the biggest issues.

Should we expect to see Bezos at al investing in the sector so they can control the entire supply chain, we wouldn’t be surprised

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