There are various ways to absorb kratom into your system, but the most popular and effective method is making it into tea. Kratom tea can be defined as tea made from the leaves of the kratom tree and is used by different people with various conditions. In addition, kratom in the form of tea tastes better and retains its medicinal properties without being acidic or toxic.


There are different methods to make kratom tea, but the good thing is that regardless of the method, preparation is straightforward and can be done by anyone straight from their homes. As a rule of thumb, it’s essential to keep in mind that it has strong effects that range from stimulating to sedative. Whether you want to boost your mood or energy, ease depression, stress and anxiety or improve your concentration and focus, here is a procedure to make kratom tea.


Preparing kratom tea

On its own, kratom tea does not have a great taste that you’d wish for. Therefore, you can make it more appealing by mixing the kratom powder with regular black or old green tea. Besides, you can add cinnamon, sugar, lemon, honey and any other additive of your choice to improve its taste.

The alkaloids Mitragynine in kratom leaves are stable at high temperatures, and therefore, they cannot lose their potency when exposed to hot water, unless when boiled for a long time. The key to making excellent kratom tea is to simmer it rather than boiling it. During the cooking phase, kratom powder is added into the teapot and monitored to ensure its only simmering without boiling.


  • Method one – Kratom fresh leaves

 The first method of kratom tea preparation dates back hundreds of years ago when Southeast Asian natives enjoyed the tremendous health benefits of this magical tree in the form of tea. Depending on the user’s preferences, fresh kratom leaves are added in water and left to boil for about 20 minutes. The leaves are strained, and you take the residue water as a tea.


  • Method two – Kratom powder

 After reading the first method of making kratom tea, the question that could be going on your mind is where you’d get fresh kratom leaves. If you’re not from Southeast Asia, the good news is that you can enjoy a cup of kratom tea by using kratom powder that’s readily available.



  • Kratom powder
  • Water
  • Lemon
  • A strainer or cheesecloth
  • Optional; cinnamon, sugar, honey or any other flavor of your choice



  • Pour water into teapot according to your preferences and put it for heating
  • Squeeze in the lemon juice in water to give your tea a citrusy flavor and also protect the alkaloids released during the heating process from being destroyed
  • Heat the water to a simmer and add pre-defined kratom powder, keeping in mind that the amount of powder you add will make a difference in the impact and potency of your tea
  • Stir gently as you allow your mixture to continue simmering for further 15 minutes. Keep monitoring to ensure it doesn’t end up boiling
  • Turn off your heat source and allow it to brew for about two minutes
  • Strain the tea through a fine strainer or cheesecloth into a pot
  • Serve your tea at room temperature and enjoy your drink


Bottom line

It is natural for kratom strains to be bitter and if you brew your tea for more than 2 minutes, it will result in a bitter flavor. Therefore, after choosing your desired strain, ensure you brew it according to your taste. If the tea turns out to be too strong, dilute it with more water or add honey, stevia, or sugar for a sweet taste. As a rule of thumb, avoid using kratom extracts because its constituents can be broken down quickly and lost in hot water.