Australian website Pondering Pot has published a good piece about Vietnamese organised crime and their increasing stranglehold in the illegal cannabis market in Australia

There are some interesting key points to e drawn from the article

  • 2015 saw more than $3.8 million of cannabis seized in a couple of raids. Arresting four Vietnamese people in total, all cropping sitting and assisting in the hands-on cultivation of cannabis
  • It exploded in 2016. News reports mention 26 Vietnamese nationals charged with various crimes relating to cannabis
  • 2017, 2018, and 2019, saw a total of 82 more Vietnamese nationals arrested for their part in the cultivation and supply of Australia’s cannabis black market.
  • 2020 NSW Police has seized more than $100 million worth of cannabis
  • The majority of Australian’s already support legalising recreational cannabis. It’s costing us $1.1 billion a year to police it, yet could generate $2 billion a year if legalised.

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The rise of Vietnam’s cannabis empire in Australia