Article: Why Cannabis Education Is Trending At Major American Universities

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With the industry’s expansion, it’s not surprising many accredited universities are investing time and money into cannabis education. Some universities only offer a few classes while others have full degrees in cannabis. With so many options available, students can choose whichever classes best suit their needs and interests.

Northern Michigan University

NMU began offering a degree in medicinal plant chemistry in 2017.

The program debuted as “the only four-year degree program of its kind to combine experimental horticulture and advanced analytical chemistry with an optional entrepreneurial track,” said NMU’s News Director Kristi Evans.

They are now offering a multidisciplinary indoor agriculture associate degree for careers in medicinal plant and agricultural food production.

Lake Superior State University

In 2019, LSSU began offering a degree in cannabis studies with a focus on cannabis chemistry. They’ve since added a degree in cannabis business. The university’s Cannabis Center of Excellence offers courses like cannabis economics, cannabis law and policy, and survey of cannabis business.

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University offers a cannabis production minor and a cannabis culture minor. Cannabis production is focused on horticulture sciences and plant physiology where students take classes like crop biotechnology.

The cannabis culture minor focuses on how the prohibition of cannabis negatively affected the lives of people of color. Students with this minor would take classes like contemporary moral problems and cannabis & popular culture.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law offers a course on marijuana law and policy and a seminar on marijuana law. One popular course is cannabiz: exploring the “legalized” cannabis industry from a corporate transactional perspective.

It focuses on a business-first approach to initiatives on decriminalization and legalization. It will also discuss the long history of marijuana and policies already in place.

Stockton University

In New Jersey, Stockton University students can get a minor in cannabis studies. Every student with this minor is required to take medical marijuana and the cannabis law courses.

The university also offers an online cannabis certification course. It is composed of six courses, including cannabis cultivation, introduction to research in medical and adult-use cannabis, and introduction to business.

SUNY Morrisville 

At New York’s SUNY Morrisville, they also offer a cannabis industry minor. The six courses required are based on understanding a variety of production and processing techniques and evaluation of market trends. Some of the course options are hemp production & processing and soil science.

University of Denver 

The University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law offers many classes on marijuana law and policy. One of the courses currently featured is representing the marijuana client. The course focuses on the challenges of representing a person with cannabis offenses amidst frequently changing rules and regulations.

Colorado State University Pueblo 

The Pueblo division of Colorado State University created the Institute of Cannabis Research in 2016, offering the nation’s first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional institution. Pueblo’s campus offers a degree in cannabis biology and chemistry and a minor in cannabis studies.

University of California – Davis

As California is one of the hottest spots for cannabis, it’s no surprise the University of Califonia – Davis offers a course called medicinal cannabis and chronic pain. The Davis section of the University of California is the only area that offers this course.

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