The Israel Times reports…

Speaking to the Knesset Committee on Controlled Substances, Professor Asa Kasher said restrictions on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes went against the principles of medical ethics, and argued doctors should be given the freedom to prescribe the pain relieving drug even if other options have not been explored.
“Among the pillars of democracy are the principles of human dignity, human life and health. This means that person in pain is eligible to receive medical care, whether it be to cure what ails them or make life easier for them,” he said. “This is why, out of respect for the professional ethics of physicians, when a doctor reaches the conclusion that they right way to treat a person is cannabis, there is no reason not to authorize treatment, even if the patient did not earlier exhaust all other alternative forms of treatments.”

Known for authoring the IDF code of conduct, Kasher has written important works on the meaning of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state including a defense of the Law of Return.

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