ATRI ( American Transportation Research Institute.) Assesses Impact of Cannabis Use on Trucking

More than 100,000 truck drivers have been removed from the industry in the past three years due to positive marijuana tests, and most have not returned, according to a new study by the American Transportation Research Institute.

ATRI released the report, “Impacts of Marijuana Legalization on the Trucking Industry,” on June 5 in response to concerns about the increasing use of marijuana by truck drivers largely believed to be due to the recreational legalization of pot in 23 states. Drivers also can be placed in a prohibited status even for testing positive while using the drug for medicinal purposes.

“In all likelihood, more states will move in this direction since a majority of Americans (59%) support legalization,” the report said.  The ATRI report seeks to shed light on the continuing mystery of why so many medium- and large-truck drivers are leaving their jobs after failing a marijuana test — most likely accepting other jobs with lower pay rather than returning to the current nationwide driver pool that already is critically short


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