Attention Cannabis Users! How To Get More With Less

If you use cannabis for that quintessential high, you will probably have great expectations. But it does not make sense to load up on doses because you need to follow the safe dosage limits. Moreover, going heavy every time can affect your tolerance in the long run, and even extra quantities will not give the desired results. Another downside of taking big doses is that it will burden your wallet eventually. Fortunately, there are some easy measures you can follow to get more with less. Here are some guidelines from seasoned stoners to help you get with more with less.


Understand your expectations

Before you look for ways to maximize your highs with low doses, you need to understand your expectations. Keep a note of your current products and dosing and the outcomes they give. It is equally vital to know your weed tolerance level because it determines how different doses will work on your system. Consider what you exactly want and get moving with a plan to tailor your experiences.


Research strains, products, and methods

If you are serious about getting more with less, you will have to do a little hard work. Researching strains, products, and methods of consumption is the best place to start. Brush up your awareness of THC and CBD. You will need to pick THC-high variants if you are looking for psychoactive effects. Talking to experienced budtenders and seasoned users may also help you learn more about strains and products that deliver real results.


Be open to experimentation

Researching your options is only half the work done. You need to be open to experimentation to discover new products that get you high with small doses. Consider switching methods because you may find that edibles give you a more sustainable effect if you have always smoked or used sublingual tinctures. Alternatively, you may transition from consuming edibles to smoking cannabis buds for faster onset. Changing up routines also helps in tailoring the experience.


Supplement with the right foods

Surprisingly, supplementing cannabis with the right foods can go a long way in giving you more with less. A cup of black or green tea can perk the effects, thanks to the catechin it contains. Dark chocolate also makes a good condiment for sustaining the length of the high. Foods high in omega-3 also enhance the effects, while you can also load on ones with terpenes. Mangoes, broccoli, and nuts are good choices. Herbs like sage and thyme also boost the effects of weed.


Take a break

If nothing else seems to work, taking a tolerance break is the best advice. You may not be getting what you want, only because you are doing too much. Over-exposure to cannabis can diminish returns, so consider resetting your system with a tolerance break. It may sound like a challenge, but a break can do much good to your body and mind.

With weed, it is best to follow the rule of “less is more”. These simple tips and tricks can ease the journey and give you the effects you want, even with small doses of your favorite product.


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