Australia: ACT government considers Mind Medicine Australia reform to allow psychedelics

They aren’t making much headway with the TGA.

Will the new labor govt make a difference?  Who knows?

Meanwhile, the fairly liberal and commonsense based ACT government is a step in the right direction.

The Canberra Times reports

ACT government considers Mind Medicine Australia reform to allow psychedelics

The ACT government is considering legislation changes to allow MDMA-assisted therapy to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and psilocybin to treat depression.

Currently, ACT legislation applies the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration decisions, which ruled against rescheduling psychedelics late last year.

While the TGA can approve the use of psychedelic therapies under its Special Access Scheme, there is no allowance for that special approval under ACT law.

The ACT government is now considering an unsolicited medicines reform proposal from Mind Medicine Australia, with advice being prepared by the ACT Health Directorate, a government spokesperson said.

Mind Medicine Australia spokesman Tony Shields said the special access scheme was designed for treatment-resistant patients who had reached the end of the line and were suffering severely.

“There are now ACT medical practitioners trained in psychedelic therapy willing to treat ACT patients and it seems cruel to deny these patients treatment,” he said.

Mr Shields said only Victoria had overturned the loophole which made it illegal for psychiatrists to prescribe psychedelics, despite having special TGA approval.

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