Australia: Grandmother accused of attempted cocaine trafficking misses court as lawyer cites dementia

ABC Australia News reports

An Adelaide grandmother charged with attempted cocaine trafficking failed to appear in court today for medical reasons, with her lawyer saying she was suffering from significant dementia.

Flinders Park woman Eudoxia Pehlivanidis and her grandson Kosta Adam Pehlivanidis were charged earlier this year for allegedly attempting to traffic a large quantity of the drug.

Mrs Pehlivanidis’s defence lawyer said her client had trouble coming into settings like court due to her illness.

“There’s some aggression and the like,” her lawyer said.

Mrs Pehlivanidis was arrested at the age of 82 in February, when police conducted a property search amid an investigation into the “attempted importation of eight kilograms of cocaine”.

Police estimated the alleged quantity had a street value of $3.2 million.

The prosecution today asked the court for another six months to analyse evidence from both New South Wales Police and SA Police.

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