We can’t give you much info on this as it is behind the great Murdoch paywall but it’s an example of all the the issues that we originally saw in Canada and the US now  beginning to pop up in Australia

In this story it’s the standard scam of having a medical facility and then doing a bit of extra business on the side.

We’d rather not say, “I told you so” but this is what happens when there a healthy recreational black market. The temptation is just too much for some medical growers to use their legit business to make some easy money on the side.

James Andrew Wynd: Lavington man grew cannabis at his …

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11 hours ago — James Andrew WyndLavington man grew cannabis at medical supplies business. A cannabis crop, hidden inside tents at a medical supplies …
Here at CLR we are also hearing more and more stories of “cannabis patients” in Australia funding their prescriptions by onselling popular overseas strains unavalable on the Australian black market. Again this development mirrors exactly what happened in US states who decided to run only medical programs until they realised it just created two levels of black market activity for cannabis