Many medical cannabis patients are worried about their consumption of cannabis in relation to their rights in the workplace. Many employers have not updated their employee rights policies to accommodate for medical cannabis. And, many employers still claim a zero tolerance approach, which due to legal precedent, doesn’t actually exist.

In this video, Stipe Vuleta talks about employee rights for legal medical cannabis patients. If you’re a patient who drives for a living you may want to watch some of this video and then our employee rights for patients who drive for a living video here:


In this video Stipe covers the following topics: – 00:13 | What are a medical cannabis patient’s rights as an employee? – 02:07 | What if my company has a zero-tolerance policy? – 03:04 | When should I engage with my employer about medical cannabis use? – 04:32 | Can I be fired for telling my employer I have a cannabis prescription? – 05:39 | What if my company has a drug declaration policy that doesn’t include cannabis but allows other impairing drugs? – 06:46 | What are my rights with random drug tests? – 08:19 | Do healthcare professionals or teachers have different rights than other employees? – 11:47 | How can I protect myself from employment issues relating to medical cannabis? – 13:09 | What to look for in workplace policies – 15:08 | What can I do if I have a problem with drug testing and my employer?


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