18 October 2016

This is well worth a read if you are intrigued about the Australian market.

Medical Cannabis in Australia is beginning to  look like it’ll be going down the same path as the Alcohol and Gambling markets eg state government tends to like to get into bed with one or two major players and the revenues are kept within a very tight loop.

Here’s the introduction to the interview

Adam Miller, founder of an Australian cannabis consultancy, stands in the center of a market about to take root.

In September, the Australian government paved the way for the legalization of medical marijuana, with regulators poised to issue MMJ rules and licenses in a matter of days.

The Australian Office of Drug Control will publish medical cannabis regulations on Oct. 30 and start issuing licenses on Nov. 1. Until now, the Australian government has permitted only medical trials for MMJ.

Miller anticipates the Australian government will move aggressively to become a major player in the global cannabis industry.

That could open the door for entrepreneurs and marijuana business owners to develop international partnerships and collaborations in a developed country with more than 23 million people.

Miller’s Sydney-based cannabis consultancy, BuddingTech, focuses on technology and innovation. He spoke with Marijuana Business Daily about his expectations for legal medical marijuana in Australia and what that could mean for the global cannabis community as a whole.

Do you know when dispensaries will open and begin serving patients?

This depends on how long it will take for cultivators and manufacturers to obtain a license, set up their facilities and start producing medicine. Additionally, another factor to consider is doctors’ willingness to prescribe medicine to patients.

Australia already has several clinical trials in place for 2017. So from a research perspective, there will be patients who receive medicine for research purposes in 2017.

However, on Oct. 30, 2016, federal legislation to enable the domestic cultivation and manufacture of cannabis for medicinal and related research purposes will come into effect. This is a major step forward for medicinal cannabis in Australia.

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