Australia: New Medical Cannabis Plant At Mildura Creates Alien Like Light Pollution

Funny how people have been able to grow weed for millennia without having to have the lights on after dark. Apparently it’s a one off. Well.. it’s a once off now the ABC have the story.

We do love this Peter Crockism.. because Mildura is so large you’d never work it out

The facility’s location has traditionally been undisclosed. Despite a pink glow giving major hints as to the facility’s location, Mr Crock said he would not divulge where exactly it is in Mildura.

The ABC reports

An eerie pink light rippled across the cloudy night sky in Mildura on Tuesday night, sending the town’s rumour mill into overdrive.

“I read about a potential solar flare due to hit on Tuesday,” said one user on Facebook — not cannabis.

“Portal to the time-space continuum …” said another.

“Kenny Rogers Roasters opening in Mildura?” offered yet another, in a reference to Seinfeld.

But all the tongue-in-cheek theories were put to bed this morning when Cann Group told ABC Mildura-Swan Hill they were the source of the pink glow.

CEO Peter Crock told ABC Mildura-Swan Hill Breakfast this morning that last night’s Aurora marijuanis were the lights on in Cann Group’s new area of its medicinal cannabis facility.

“As you might know, cannabis grows on an extended day length. The flowering zone is 12 hours light and 12 hours dark, which is normally 7am to 7pm,” he said.

“With the new zone coming into use in the next day or two, we have had the lights on.

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