Australia: New Sentencing Legislation In Victoria Ensures That Cannabis Agriculture Remains An Occupation For Corporations Not Individuals

28 October 2016

Contributor to our Cannabis Law Journal for Australia, Loren Wiener, of website This Week in Weed has alerted us to some legislation amendments that went through the Victorian parliament this week . Suggesting, if anything, the state government are actually going to become stricter on larger cannabis grows by individuals.

Ostensibly the Victorian state government are selling the tougher sentencing on the back of  ICE and methamphetamine production but as Loren has notice the legislation has been drafted in order to allow for tougher sentencing on Cannabis growers as well.

He writes

Victoria Australia – Government just passed 2 new categories of laws with mandatory sentencing against Growing Cannabis – Introduced into Parliament under the Sentencing (Community Correction Order) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2016 – The word “Cannabis” is not used in the bill, all but via a previously used reference “Drugs of Dependence” that includes hundreds of drugs but mainly Cannabis. – The Bill passed on 27 October 2016. – NSW should be next.
More soon here and at and – The category for growing Cannabis is the same as that for – murder, causing serious injury intentionally or recklessly in circumstances of gross violence, rape, the most serious child sexual offenses (including incest).Intro and reading of the bill is here – – The Full Bill is here – it will next get debated in the senate.

Sentencing (Community Correction Order) & Other Acts Amendment Bill 2016


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