14 February 2017

Nine News report…

Australian GPs are sending sick and dying patients to black market suppliers of medicinal cannabis because prescribing it legally falls into the too hard basket, Nine.com.au has learned.

There are hundreds of “compassionate suppliers” dotted around Australia – most covert, but some openly – giving cannabis oil away for free, Craig Goodwin told Nine.com.au.

Goodwin, aged 52, a father-of-four and a deacon at his local church on the central NSW coast, has been arrested three times and spent 10 months in a maximum security prison for supplying cannabis oil to people dying of cancer, including young children with brain tumours.

He claimed that GPs are telling Australians of all ages, suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, tremors and chronic pain, to seek out suppliers like him.

Goodwin also believed federal and state governments could soon be facing a critical showdown, where compassionate suppliers form co-op cannabis farms and start growing marijuana plants in plain sight, regardless of breaking Australian law.

“The GPs are all in fear of the AMA [Australian Medical Association],” Goodwin told Nine.com.au, despite medicinal cannabis being legalised by the federal government in November last year.

“This is all still a big no go area for general practitioners at the moment. I think it’s just easier for them legally, and as far as their job is concerned, to just sort of say if you can get someone in the [medicinal cannabis] community to help then go for it.”

Like other medicinal cannabis patients and campaigners spoken to by Nine.com.au, Goodwin described “so many roadblocks” and a weight of paperwork strangling access to the medicine.

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