The NSW Weekly Times reports


The Greens are set to announce a plan to legalise, regulate and licence cannabis for recreational use in NSW — which will allow you to own up to six plants and light up anywhere where it’s legal to smoke tobacco.

Within the first 100 days after the election, the Greens have promised to introduce a private members bill to legalise cannabis for recreational use as well as move for a parliamentary inquiry into legislation and the establishment of the NSW cannabis agency.

“It makes no sense to treat the consumption of cannabis as a crime,” said Greens MP and spokesman for Justice and Policing, David Shoebridge.

“We are wasting millions each year and missing out on licencing revenues that the state desperately needs. It’s time we stopped taking such a backward approach to a drug that over one-third of Australians have used.”


The plan will allow anyone over the age of 18 to buy cannabis at retail stores with a requirement to produce ID.

You could grow up to six plants at home for personal use and consume it wherever it is legal to smoke tobacco.

The Greens says its plan will generate an estimated $200 million per year in additional revenue for the State Government by a mix of licencing fees, GST and savings on criminal justice spending.

David Shoebridge says weed legalisation would pump $200 million a year into the state’s coffers. Picture: Monique Harmer/AAP

This money will be invested in public infrastructure like schools and hospitals with $75 million allocated to drug and alcohol treatment programs across the state, especially focused on regional and rural areas which currently have no such services.

A further $25 million will be allocated to prevention and harm reduction programs in high schools across the state, focused on high school children and young adults.

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We do wish they’d make it more obvious on their website – because we can’t find anything in their manifesto- click and if you see any of the above mentioned on their website your first six plants are on us !