This should cheer up the end of your week….Channel Nine News (Australia) reports…. Police in Far North Queensland were assessing a large cannabis plantation they had stumbled upon when something started moving among the leaves.

The report adds..

As they carefully combed through the plants, they were stunned to find a carpet python, believed to be a pet, guarding the illicit grow room.
One officer plucked the snake out while his colleague exclaimed “not something you find every day.”
In video shared by Queensland Police it appeared the officers had experience with removing snakes.
The officer calmly placed the snake on a shelf away from the ongoing search.
Officers were investigating a Millaa Millaa property on Wednesday night in relation to a separate matter when they uncovered the plantation and reptile.
A 28-year-old man has been charged with possessing a dangerous drug, producing dangerous drugs and possessing utensils.
He will appear in the Atherton Magistrates Court on the 11th of August.