Australia True Blue Goes Green: AFL (Australian Football League) Coaches Association CEO Mark Brayshaw Resigns To Helm Medical Cannabis Company

AFL Coaches Association CEO Mark Brayshaw has resigned from his position as head of the organisation to lead a start-up company involved in medicinal cannabis, Levin Health. Reports the Melbourne Age.

For our US readers here’s a taste of what he’s leaving…


The 54-year-old has given three months notice in a shock move that will cause the organisation to redefine its role in the football landscape.

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The AFL reports his departure thus

AFLCA CEO Brayshaw quits for greener pastures

The AFLCA is hunting a new CEO after Mark Brayshaw quit after six years

AFL COACHES Association boss Mark Brayshaw has quit his role after six years in the position to join a medical cannabis company.

Brayshaw has resigned from the job to take on a new role as chief executive of Levin Health, which uses medical cannabis for treating chronic pain.



The former North Melbourne player and father of AFL players Angus, Andrew and Hamish said it was time to move out of the football industry.


It looks like they are keeping it all in the family as his brother James Brayshaw already has a position at the company


“I have loved this job. The coaches have inspired me with their work ethic, empathy and candour,” Brayshaw said.

“I’m lost in admiration for the role they play in our game and have been very grateful for the support I’ve received from them and this wonderful industry. After six years at the AFLCA, and a long time in AFL administration, it’s time for a new challenge outside of the AFL.”

The 54-year-old has been at the forefront of many coaching issues throughout his stint at the AFLCA, including the fallout from COVID-19 and job losses across the coaching fraternity.

The association will open the role to applicants from February.


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