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Reason Party leader Fiona Patten, campaigning to retain her seat in the upper house, is vowing to spark legislation within 12 months of the new parliament to pave the way for Victoria to become the first Australian state to legalise the drug for adults.

“The time has come. Victoria, the most progressive state in the country, is ready for this change,” Ms Patten, a former sex worker, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Legalising cannabis makes sense – it’s a no-brainer to most people.

“Across the world communities are making this change and it is time for Victoria to yet again lead the way in this historic reform.”

The Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office expects the state would raise $204 million in increased revenues, taxes, policing and prosecution reductions in the move, she said.

MP’s bid to legalise hashish in Victoria


The conversation may be entirely moot though as there’s an election on at the moment in Victoria and media reports she may well lose her seat