Australian Court Told Accused Killer, Michael Deakin, Took 20 Tabs of LSD Before Stabbing His Grandmother

The Australlian Newspaper reports..

A Bega man told a nurse he took 20 tabs of LSD on the day he went on a violent rampage and killed two people including his grandmother, a court has been told.

Murray Deakin, 22, has since denied the claims as he stands trial for murder in the NSW Supreme Court over the June 2018 incident.

Mr Deakin is accused of murdering his grandmother Gail Winner and stabbing his grandfather Thomas Winner at their Bega home before going on the run and bashing to death retired police officer Michael Horne with a hammer in a roadside attack.

While it is not in dispute that he killed his grandmother and Mr Horne, he has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and one count of grievous bodily harm on the grounds of mental illness.

The court was told Mr Deakin had been diagnosed as schizophrenic by several psychiatrists.

Dr Olav Nielssen told the court there was evidence Mr Deakin had suffered brief psychotic episodes in the year leading up to the attacks, and was exhibiting the early symptoms of schizophrenia at the time.

Professor David Greenberg also told the court on Tuesday that Mr Deakin was schizophrenic, although he could not rule out that he had suffered a substance-induced psychotic disorder on the day of the attacks.

The court has previously been told a video captured Mr Deakin telling Mr Horne that he had to “follow the code” before clubbing him to death and that Mr Deakin had ranted about the “Illuminati” and “KGB subliminal messaging” during his arrest.

As well, after he was admitted to hospital, he rambled about “the Matrix” and told doctors he thought his grandparents were vampires.


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