Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s publishes annual Illicit Drug Data Report,

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Blah blah blah.. look at the numbers

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It’ll be generations before there is a change in thinking

Here we go

Serious and organised criminals are at the centre of Australia’s illicit drug market, motivated by greed, power and profit. We know serious and organised crime groups continue to generate significant profits from the sale of illicit substances, with the price paid for illicit drugs in Australia being among the highest in the world.

The estimated street value of the weight of amphetamines, MDMA, cannabis, cocaine and heroin seized nationally in 2019–20 is around $9.7 billion, of which amphetamines accounts for nearly 90 per cent,

underlining the size of the black economy that relates to illicit drug markets. Almost all of the drug markets monitored in this report showed signs of expanding in 2019–20. As such, the importation, manufacture, cultivation, distribution and use of illicit drugs in Australia remain a focal point of government, law enforcement, health and intelligence agencies. Illicit drug use cannot be addressed by law enforcement alone—a multi-faceted approach is needed.

This report combines illicit drug data from a variety of sources including law enforcement, forensic services, health and academia, which inform our understanding and assist in focusing our collective efforts to respond to the issue of illicit drugs. The risk and harm posed by illicit drugs to the Australian community is ever-growing, which underscores the need for law enforcement and health agencies to work collaboratively to combat both the supply and demand for illicit drugs in Australia.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on drug markets in the latter half of 2019–20, a number of new records were set this reporting period and include: ƒ

  • 38.5 tonnes of illicit drugs seized nationally ƒ
  • 5.2 tonnes of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) (excluding MDMA) detected at the Australian border
  • 12.8 tonnes of ATS seized nationally ƒ
  • 10.6 tonnes of cannabis seized nationally ƒ
  • 121,274 national illicit drug seizures ƒ
  • 39,204 national ATS seizures ƒ
  • 62,454 national cannabis seizures


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IDDR 2019-20 FINAL

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