The Press Release

HEMP Party – 25 May 2020

Retaining HEMP Party Registration

To all members of the HEMP Party

On April 22 we received notice from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) of the review of eligibility to remain registered as a political party under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 – subsection 138A(3).

The Party’s Secretary is requested to provide an electronic list or spreadsheet of at least 500 and no more than 550 people currently on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, who are members of the Party.

The list should contain the full name, date of birth, enrolled address, a contact phone number and an email address for each member.

The AEC will contact a random sample of Party members to confirm their current membership of the Party.

The story so far

April 26 an email titled ‘Membership Review 2020‘ was sent to all HEMP Party members, who have an email address on record, to inform them of the AEC review.

Only 170 members replied to confirm their membership details and their continued support.

May 5 another email titled ‘A poor response from members for the AEC review‘ was sent to members and received a better response.

The member reply list grew to over 450 members, some replied twice, some updated details without replying to the email, some joined the party again, some replied who have insufficient membership details for the AEC list and some have replied who were listed in the previous reviews of 2015 and 2018.

May 17 an email titled ‘Periodic Review 2020‘ was sent to about 30 new members who joined since April 22 to inform them of the current situation concerning the review.

A few new members replied to be included on the list of members for the AEC review.

May 24 the list contained 536 members.

There are still a few with missing or incorrect membership details.

They’re being contacted individually and all are added to the xls spreadsheet file in the AEC’s desirable format to avoid delays in processing HEMP’s list of members.

Your Party membership details must be the same as on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll.

Because the membership will be verified to ensure the HEMP Party is a legitimate political party with a genuine membership, you must be prepared to keep your electoral details up-to-date, and answer any query from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as to the correctness of those details.

You can easily check online via the AEC website.

A full list of 550 members will be provided well within the specified two month period.

Thanks for your understanding of the importance of this matter and thanks for your patience.

More than enough would be better than too few, get on the list please.

Your sincerely
James Kingsbury
On behalf of the HEMP Party Executive Committee.

The bureaucrat who randomly calls or emails you from the AEC office could well be a supporter of Cannabis law reform and is just doing their job.

Yes, I’m a member of the HEMP Party‘, is all you need to say.