Here at CLR we are sick and tired of gutless politicians who can’t just say .. yes i did and either i enjoyed it  or it wasn’t really for me, or even, it was the folly of youth.

We all laughed at Clinton but at least he said what he said back in the 90’s.

Here’s a short AAP report with the dancing around the subject quote.

Bill Shorten hasn’t denied using drugs in his younger years but has argued against taking dangerous illegal substances.

The Opposition leader said the issue of pill testing as music festivals is complex, but said the easy solution was not to take them.

“I’ve actually answered this before,” Mr Shorten said, when asked about his past.

“I can’t rule out, in my university years, I might have done something.”

He said his views had changed, especially since becoming a parent, and he had seen more evidence.

“These are illicit drugs,” he said.

“They are actually very dangerous. You can’t just rely on pill testing because it can only pick up certain warning signs.

“It’s illegal for a reason. The easiest way to avoid the problem is just don’t consume them.”