Australian medical cannabis prices drop 11% in a year says report

Pondering Pot report that according to…….Data from Canview’s online portal has shown that despite the high prices of medical cannabis in Australia, end costs to patients are slowly coming down.

Canview is a platform developed by Burleigh Heads Cannabis for patients, pharmacists, and medical practitioners to prescribe and order cannabis medicines. Information released on July 6th showed more than 95 cannabis products available, a huge jump from the 46 available in August last year.

Comparing the two periods reveals 29 products were available during both reports.

CDA CBD 990-Crystal$149$69-53%
CDA CBD 33-Capsule$149$99-33%
Tilray Purified CBD 100$435$300-31%
CDA CBD 30-Oil$69$49-29%
LGP Classic 20:5$245$175-28%
CDA CBD 240-Oil$269$199-26%
Tilray Purified 2:100$465$350-24%
Medicabilis 100 CBD Isolate 25ml$284$229-19%
CannaTrek T15 Flower$210$170-19%
LGP CBD 50$265$225-15%
LGP Classic 10:10$195$175-10%
LGP Classic 1:20$195$175-10%
Medicabilis 100 CBD Isolate 50ml$463$423-8%
Tilray Full Spectrum WF 10:10$135$125-7%
Tilray Purified CBD 25$175$169-3%
MedCan FX02$89$89
MedCan GC01$109$109
Tilray Full Spectrum 10:10 25ml$110$110
MedCan FX01$115$115
Tilray Full Spectrum WF 25:0$125$125
MedCan GC02$129$129
ANTG Mariposa$130$130
MedCan CC01$149$149
Tilray Full Spectrum 1:25$150$150
Tilray Full Spectrum 5:20$150$150
Tilray Full Spectrum 10:10 40ml$160$160
Tilray Full Spectrum THC 25$175$175
ANTG Solace$180$180
Tilray Purified CBD 100$300$300

Note that the prices are ‘Price to Patient’ and are only recommended prices. Individual pharmacies may charge different prices.

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Australian medical cannabis prices drop 11% in a year

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