Ganjapreneur reports:

Unfortunately, older voters and Republicans, which tend to fall heavily on the side against legalization, also tend to vote in much higher numbers than do Democrats and younger voters, so legalization is not likely in store for Arizona even if a measure does get on the ballot next year.

The survey polled 900 voters from around the state, and found that Democrats and younger respondents were more likely to be in favor of legalization, and vice versa. 64% of Democrats support legalizing cannabis, while only 29% of Republicans do.

David Daugherty of the Morrison Institute, which conducted the survey, stated:

“Predictably, those 30 and younger (69 percent) and those age 31 to 55 (57 percent) are more likely to favor legalization than those 56 and older (36 percent)… It is important to note, Republicans and older adults vote in larger numbers than either Democrats or young adults, which would, at least at this point in time, point toward likely defeat of the legalization of recreational marijuana.”

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