BCC’s New Weekly Licensee & Licensing Information Update

Here’s what they say . We’ll be including this in all our CA updates from now on so you don’t have to keep in your inbox for reference you can just search on CLR to pull them all up.

To All BCC Interested Parties:

You are receiving this notice because you have signed up to receive a weekly report listing the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s licensee information. The contents of the report reflect recently issued licenses, denied applications, and cannabis batch testing results. To access this week’s report, simply click on the link provided below. These reports are also uploaded to the Weekly Reports page of the BCC’s website.

11-23-20 Report: https://bcc.ca.gov/clear/documents/weekly/20201123_report.xlsx

Definitions of Columns Provided on Reports:

  • Business Name: Legal name of the applicant business entity as registered with the California Secretary of State.
  • DBA: Doing business as. The business trade name of the applicant. (Note: field may be blank)
  • Premises City, County, Zip: Premises address for the business entity. (Note: Address information listed for Cannabis Event Organizer application is mailing)
  • Record Type: Indicates what type of license was applied for or issued.
  • License Designation: Refers to if the applicant requested that the license be designated as medicinal, adult-use, or both. (Note: This field will be blank for testing laboratory and cannabis event organizer license types)
  • Business Entity Structure: Business entity structure associated with the application or license.
  • Application Number: Application number for the application
  • License Number: License number for the license. TEMP is the acronym for a temporary license.
  • Record Status: The current status of the application or license.
  • Record Status Date: Date application was issued or denied.
  • Denied: When an application does not meet the criteria for licensure, it is Denied.
  • Active: When an application does meet the criteria for licensure it is approved and a license becomes Active.

Definitions for Cannabis Batch Testing:

  • Label Claims: When a product fails because the cannabinoid and terpenoids content displayed on the product label is greater than 10% of the testing lab results.
  • Pesticides: When a product fails for 1 or more Category I and/or Category II Residual Pesticides pursuant to 16 CCR section 5719.
  • Microbial Impurities: When a product fails for e.coli, salmonella, and/or pathogenic Aspergillus species (A. fumigatus, A. flavus, A. niger, and A. terreus) pursuant to 16 CCR section 5720
  • Solvents: When a product fails for 1 or more Category I and/or Category II Residual Solvent or Processing Chemicals pursuant to 16 CCR section 5718
  • Moisture Content: When a flower batch fails because the moisture content is greater than 13%.
  • Foreign Material: When a product fails for containing unwanted filth such as mold, insect fragments, hair, and/or related hazardous adulterants pursuant to 16 CCR section 5722.
  • Homogeneity: When a cannabis edible product fails because the THC content is not consistent or homogenous throughout the product pursuant to 16 CCR Section 5716.

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