Whether you’re new to smoking or a seasoned toker, buying the right piece of equipment is indispensable. Especially, when you are buying your first-ever bong.


Just the name of it starts banging your brain nerves, regardless of what you use it for. Having said that, you can use your bong to smoke up weed, drag dabs, or simply put it up as a decorative.


What is a Bong?

Well, for the newbies in the house, a bong is a device used to smoke up herbs and extracts. It consists of three parts in particular- a bowl, a filter, and a mouthpiece. The bowl holds your herbs or dabs, which are burnt to produce smoke. The smoke then passes through water and is filtered for tar and unburnt resins. Lastly, the smoke is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Seems pretty easy, right? So, why do you need this guide to decide what you should buy? Rather than answering this question, we shall be proceeding with the guide itself, and in time you’ll realize why you had to read this.


Make Your Choice Of Material

Bongs are available in a variety of materials ranging from acrylic to plastic, and glass. In fact, some bongs are even made out of bamboo and surprisingly, silicone as well. When it comes to choosing the right material, it is important to understand that the choice of material can strongly affect the flavors. 

Another factor that should be considered is the durability of the material. Bamboo bongs are the most durable ones, whereas, the glass bongs are the least. Of course, a glass bong looks a lot better than any other choice, but you’ll need to pay extra care for its maintenance. Nevertheless, whatever you choose, make sure that you go through the handling instructions for the same beforehand.


Decide The Type Of Percolator

A percolator is essentially the most important part of your bong. During the combustion of dry herbs, the smoke produced contains some unburnt and unwanted toxins as well. The percolator which holds water particularly helps remove these unwanted, half-burnt toxins.

Another added benefit of the percolator is it helps cool down the smoke for a smoother hit. The market is full of different types of percs. Usually, for smoking dry herbs, you should choose the ones that can offer better filtration such as a honeycomb percolator or a tree percolator. According to experts from Vaporizerchief, high-quality bongs come with such percolators as a standard. But, if you wish to use your bong for smoking up concentrates and waxes, then a lighter percolator may also work for you.


Consider Your Lung Capacity

It is needless to say, that bongs come in different sizes as well. A typical bong is about 12 inches in size, but you can find them ranging from 6 inches up to 20 inches. The bigger the size, the more you need to drag, and more is the smoke produced.

So, when you are buying your first bong, you should consider your lung capacity as well. Another effect of the size is the flavor density. Smaller bongs usually offer harder hits whereas, larger bongs provide smoother and cleaner hits. It is needless to say that bigger bongs can hold more water and space for filtration as compared to a smaller one. So you should choose a bong that is neither too big for medium clouds, and nor too small for a smoother flavor.


Hope You Didn’t Forget Your Budget

While you are busy selecting the material, the filtration and the size, it is quite easy to swerve from the budget. You should strictly follow your budget. Materials like glass and bamboo are on the costlier side whereas acrylic and plastics are cheaper comparatively. Similarly, a bong with an advanced filter system is very likely to be costlier than the one with a standard percolator.

The design and the size also affect the price that you pay for your bong. A larger bong is usually priced higher as compared to a smaller bong. At the same time, if you go for a printed or designer bong, you need to keep some extra bucks in your pocket. After all, it’s your first bong and you need to be sure that it is the best one.

Whether you buy a printed glass dabber or an acrylic diffuser you should be sure that you like your bong. After all, you are acquiring a piece of decorative along with its functionality. Just make sure that you take the utmost care of your bong.