Best CBD Vaping Oil Brands in 2019 – Top 6 CBD E-Liquids




The market for CBD vaping oil – and other CBD products – is fast-growing. This very useful pain and anxiety relieving product, derived from the cannabis plant, has met with many very satisfied users, and is becoming ever-more popular.


One common problem with products that are new to the market and getting greater recognition is that there is always a chance you are not buying the genuine product. CBD oil needs to be made from plants grown in controlled conditions, and certified as pure. To help ensure you are buying the best product, here’s our list of the top 6 CBD e-liquids on the market right now.

1: Ultimate CBD®

One of the leading brands in CBD vaping oils and other CBD products is Ultimate CBD. Made from industrial hemp grown in the UK – in a modern and highly controlled manufacturing plant that guarantees the safety and purity of the oil – Ultimate CBD® is a popular choice with those who choose to vape their CBD.

It comes in five different flavours – including Forest Fruits and Strawberry Lime – and is 100% organic, including the flavouring. This product contains no more than 0.2% THC, which is the psychoactive element in the cannabis plant, and user reviews give the product a 5-star rating. You can buy online and it is sensibly priced for a 10ml bottle.

2: Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid

Made from the very highest quality industrial hemp, grown in controlled conditions for purity and effectiveness, Hemp Bombs CBD E-liquid is a leading product and one that is sensibly priced. As with most CBD vape oil products, it is entirely natural and free from additives, and this product has been through a strict extraction process, so it includes no THC whatsoever.

This one comes in a variety of flavours, Including watermelon, spearmint and many other exotic choices, and you can buy multiple flavours at once if you wish, with excellent savings applied. If you want to buy multiple bottles of your favourite flavour, that can be done, and all through an easy to use, safe and secure online shopping portal.

3: Canna® Vape Pen

This clever, disposable vape pen comes ready to use, and gives you 200mg of CBD instantly. This is equivalent, according to the makers – Canna® – to 300 inhalations. Its made in controlled conditions from the required industrial hemp and is an easy to use product that is well-packaged and quite innovative.

The price is fine in comparison to the competition indeed, all on the list are priced around the same level and the makers add coconut oil for extra flavour. All ingredients are entirely natural, and it complies to the requirement for less than 0.2% THC within the product. The manufacturers are keen to point out there is no highwith this product, and that should apply to all of these. Certainly worth a look, and great quality CBD oil.

4: Avida Broad Spectrum CBD

A top quality vape oil made from US-grown industrial hemp, Avida CBD is a popular product that guarantees purity and safe use. Using a variety of hemp strains to enhance the spectrum, this is an effective vape oil that comes at sensible prices. This CBD oil is entirely THC free, although the brand does offer a product with up to 0.3% THC.

Completely natural only spearmint and coconut oil are added for flavouring and available in 125mg and 500mg bottles, Avida Broad Spectrum provides the results you need whether you are looking for pain relief or help with sleeping. You also get the assurance of it having been third-party laboratory tested for purity.

5: CBD FX® Vape Pen

The second product from the CBD FX range is this one. It comes in the form of a vape pen, so is ready to use straight away, and cleverly there is no charging needed to use this simple and disposable item. The CBD oil is a full spectrum product, made at the brands USA plant from certified quality industrial hemp, and to the very highest standards.

Flavours are Fresh Mint, Strawberry Lemonade and Blue Raspberry, and each pen comes with enough oil for 300 inhalations. This quality product gets 5-star reviews throughout, and contains no artificial additives even the flavourings are natural and less than 0.2% THC content. A very handy and clever vape pen complete with quality CBD oil at a sensible price.

6: Harmony CBD Cannabis Originals Vape

Harmony is a very popular CBD brand offering a wide variety of products, including the standard THC-free CBD vape oil. Designed for use in any vape pen or device, Cannabis Originals is offered in a full range of interesting flavours, each achieved naturally and without any synthetic additives. Choose from Pink Lemonade and Pineapple Express, or more unusual tastes such as OG Kush and Gourmet Tobacco!

There is also an Original Hemp version if you wish, and they are supplied in 10ml bottles and upwards. Tested in a laboratory on a regular basis for purity, Harmony CBB products are made from European-grown industrial hemp that is cultivated in controlled conditions. You can buy just the oil or if you dont already have a vape pen a full starter kit that will get you going very quickly, and all at sensible prices.


Thats our six of the best complete, and we hope we have helped you to find a natural, top quality CBD brand that will help you with your required pain relief or reduce your anxiety.

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