Bipartisan Lawmakers Form New Psychedelics Caucus In Congress

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A pair of bipartisan lawmakers announced on Thursday that they’ve formed a first-of-its-kind congressional caucus dedicated to psychedelics therapy.

Reps. Lou Correa (D-CA) and Jack Bergman (R-MI) will co-chair the Congressional Psychedelics Advancing Clinical Treatments (PACT) Caucus, which will “focus on exploring psychedelic research to alleviate the U.S. mental health crisis.”

This comes amid a wave of local reform efforts—and just one week after Colorado voters approved a historic ballot initiative to legalize the possession of certain entheogenic substances and create psilocybin “healing centers” in the state.

The new legislative group—which now joins an existing Cannabis Caucus—won’t be advocating for broad decriminalization or legalization, at least for the time being; rather, it’s meant to steer the congressional conversation around the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and serve as an educational resource for lawmakers and the public.

“Having served our nation as a member of the United States military and in Congress, I’ve seen the destruction post-traumatic stress disorder can cause on my fellow veterans and their families,” Bergman said in a press release on Thursday. “Our job is to find solutions to these problems, and if psychedelic-assisted therapy can help treat or even fully cure someone of their PTSD, we need to take a closer look at these potential life-saving therapies.”

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Bipartisan Lawmakers Form New Psychedelics Caucus In Congress

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