Black Mamba Strain: The Intense Combination of Flavors and Effects

Marijuana is exceptionally unique. It has so many strains, and each strain produces a different set of effects depending on how much of it you consume. The passionate growers of Marijuana keep experimenting and come out with a new strain every time to cater to the vast needs and interests of marijuana users. Whether you are a recreational or a medical user of Marijuana, you will be sure to find a range of options to suit your requirements. Today, we will introduce you to the ever-popular Black Mamba strain.

Black Mamba Strain:

Black Mamba strain is an Indica-Sativa hybrid with a slight leaning toward the Indica characteristics. Like many other Marijuana strains, this strain produces varied effects ranging from an upbeat feeling that ends in a relaxed night’s sleep.

This strain helps you numb pain both physical and psychological and relaxes you. So, you can forget the world around you and transcend into a relaxing stupor.

A word of caution, though. If you are new to this strain, you must also remember that this strain is quite potent and might knock your senses off. So, go slow on this one and slowly build-up.

The Origins:

The Black Mamba strain is most likely named after the deadly African snake, the Black Mamba. The name reflects the power of this Marijuana strain.

This strain was created by crossing Granddaddy Purple with Black Domina.

Granddaddy Purple:

The Granddaddy Purple is an extremely popular and potent strain and features 21% THC levels and negligible CBD levels.

This strain is a cross between the Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains. This Indica dominant strain has an Indica Sativa ratio of 80 to 20.

With the first toke of this strain of Granddaddy Purple, you will start to feel calm and deeply relaxed. As you continue taking this strain, the relaxation enhances, and every worrying thought will leave you.

Slowly you will start to experience a couch-locked feeling and go into a deep uninterrupted sleep. In Marijuana terms, you will experience what is known as the munchies and couch lock.

Medically, this strain can provide relief from chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. Due to its sedative effects, you must strictly take this strain only during late evenings and nights.

Black Domina Strain:

This Indica dominant strain is perfect for those fighting insomnia and stress-related conditions such as PTSD. The Black Domina strain has an Indica-Sativa ratio of 90 to 5. With THC content averaging at almost 25% and negligible CBD levels, this strain is quite potent.

Newbies must be very careful with this strain as the effects can kick in quickly. As you take your first toke of the Black Domina, you will start feeling all the tension in your body reduced. You will slowly get into a state of deep relaxation.

You will ultimately enter into a state of complete couch-lock and experience total relaxation and blissful sleep.

As with Granddaddy purple, you must be careful when using this strain. It is strictly for late evening and night use. Also, remember that the high for this strain can last up to 90 minutes. The sedative effects will kick in only after the high has passed. If you are taking this strain, you have to give the strain enough time to allow you to have a blissful sleep.

Black Mamba Strain – Look and Feel:


The Black Mamba strain is quite famous for its signature purple appearance and fruity flavors to match. The strain has green leaves and covered with purple-colored nugs, rendering an overall unique appearance to the strain. The purple-colored nugs are covered with white trichomes, adding a frosty look that gives a magical feel to this wonderful potent strain.


When you first smell this strain, you will be hit with a fruity aroma with woody, earthy undertones. Upon first smelling it, you will sense a sour-sweet grape-y scent. This is followed by pine-woody after-fragrance that reminds you of a pine forest in the summertime.


You experience what you smell for this wonderful strain. With your first toke, you will experience a sweet fruity flavor, reminiscent of grape juice.

But do not let the sweetness fool you. The strain is quite potent for its being sweet.

As you continue smoking the strain, you will feel the earthy woody flavors filling your mouth and your lungs. At this stage, you start experiencing the intense relaxation that is typical of the black mamba strain.

Black Mamba – Benefits and Side Effects:

Medical Benefits:

This strain is perfect for those suffering from chronic debilitating pain conditions. It can also be used to provide relief from conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, etc.

Side effects:

Some of the typical Black Mamba side effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Severe side effects include headache and dizziness.

Black Mamba is a powerful strain that has wonderful benefits- both recreational and medical. But this highly potent strain isn’t for the novice. Always start small when trying this strain for the first time.

Moderation is the key to entirely enjoying the full effects and benefits of this potent strain.



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