27 April 2017

Entitled,Why Fox Rothschild Is Still Banking on its Cannabis Practice this one is worth a read ..

Here’s the introduction…

Shortly before the results from the November presidential election arrived, the management at Fox Rothschild decided it was time to double down and officially launch a Cannabis Law practice group with recognition on the web site, a blog and all the standard marketing.

And then, against many pollsters’ predictions, Donald Trump was elected, and soon thereafter picked Sen. Jeff Session, R-Alabama, as his attorney general — a man who last April remarked that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” during a tirade against the legalization that’s been occurring in states throughout the country.

With Sessions now at the helm of the U.S. Department of Justice, where does that leave law firms like Fox Rothschild that doubled down on cannabis law?

“I think people are still pretty optimistic,” said Joshua Horn, co-head of Fox Rothschild’s Cannabis Law group, and a contributor to the firm’s ‘In the Weeds‘ blog.

Horn said he stumbled into the weed game: In the summer of 2015, while hiking in the flat irons in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal and the industry is booming, his wife suggested he think about developing a specialty practice since he had already helped one marijuana-focused company in Maryland with a securities offering, which is his other practice. Not that Horn is a chronic weed smoker himself — he wouldn’t reveal anything about that topic.

“Look, I’ve been a trial lawyer for 20-something years,” he said. “There’s a certain grind — I had just finished a trial and you have to listen to what your wife, or partner, suggests.”

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