Bosnia & Herzegovina. Cannabis is no longer a prohibited substance and BiH must legalize it for medical purposes says Sarajevo Times

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In order to finally legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), it is only necessary for the Commission for the Suppression of Narcotic Drug Abuse to submit a proposal to the BiH Council of Ministers, which would make a simple decision at its session. And that is it.

As it was found out, certain things have already been initiated and now it is up to the state ministers and the current government to break through and make the only logical decision. Already at the beginning of next week, the session of the Commission for the Suppression of Narcotic Drug Abuse should finally be held, which can be the engine of further processes.

The Ministry of Security of BiH previously received information from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) that the Commission (Commission on Narcotic Drugs-CDN) decided to delete cannabis from the list of prohibited substances.

This information will be on the agenda of the Commission’s session, since the Law on Prevention and Suppression of Narcotic Drug Abuse was, among other things, adopted due to the implementation of international conventions on narcotic drugs. Earlier, the Commission formed a working group that drafted a proposal to amend the law. The opinions of entity ministries of health have been submitted and will also be considered at the Commission session.

But, the amendment of the existing law is not necessary for the legalization of cannabis, i.e. the sale of cannabis for the purpose of treating patients.

What needs to be done is to transfer cannabis from the list in Table 1 to Table 2, which means that it will no longer be a “prohibited substance and plant” but a “substance and plant under strict control”, as many drugs that are used already are for medical purposes.


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