Brazil: Anvisa authorizes two new Cannabis products in Brazil

As soon as they are marketed in drugstores in the country, the new products now authorized by Anvisa will be the first to compete in retail windows with the Paraná company Prati-Donaduzzi, which since April last year has a health authorization to produce and sell Cannabidiol 200mg / ml

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) authorized the production and commercialization in Brazil of two new products made from Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a cannabinoid derived from marijuana. The health authorization, published today (15) in the Federal Official Gazette, is valid for five years. 

The new authorizations were granted from RDC 327 from Anvisa , which was approved in December 2019 and came into force in March 2020, regulating the manufacture, marketing and import of products derived from cannabis for medicinal purposes. The raw material used in the production must be imported, since the planting of Cannabis is not regulated in the country. 

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Outside of RDC 327, it remains for patients who use marijuana for medical purposes to use RDC 335, of January 20, 2020 – which established the rules for the importation of products by patients -, or to search for products through patient associations that proliferate across the country. 

As soon as they start to be marketed in drugstores in the country, the two Nunature products now authorized by Anvisa will be the first to compete in retail windows with the Paraná company Prati-Donaduzzi, which since April last year has a health authorization to market Cannabidiol 200mg / ml. The cost of the product practiced in the market is, on average, R $ 2,350. Thus, as a practical effect, with the decision of Anvisa, Prati-Donaduzzi loses the position of advantage it has enjoyed until now because it is, until then, the only company authorized to produce products with Cannabis derivatives in the country from RDC 327 . 

Nunature enters the Brazilian market offering the product Cannabidiol Nunature in two different concentrations: 17.18 mg / ml and 34.36 mg / ml. In February, the pharmaceutical industry Prati-Donaduzzi received authorization from Anvisa to commercialize two new concentrations of its product Cannabidiol, which is already being marketed in 20 mg / ml and 50 mg / ml . The reduction in the concentration of CBD in the products is a market trend with the aim of reducing the commercialization price. 

Nunature Farms presents itself as a feminized hemp cultivation and processing industrial company located in the state of Colorado, founded in 2015 by the Johnson family and a close friend of the family, Denis Barden. “Our cannabidiol product is derived from a single strain and processed in a controlled chain, ensuring quality, purity and potency. Each product is tested so that you can be sure of the contents of the bottle. The combination of organic farming practices with artisanal cannabis extraction is what sets us apart ”, says the company. 


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