British Hemp Alliance Says It “cannot support a number of the recommendatons laid out by the ACI and CMC in their new report Health Guidance Levels for THC in CBD products: Safety Assessment & Regulatory Recommendations”

The following organisations  representing 1000 domestic hemp and CBD businesses in the UK, yesterday issued a statement saying…


A 0.03% product limit would be a disaster for the burgeoning domes:c UK hemp industry. The ACI’s proposal will create further red tape around the plant and hinder the progress of the British hemp industry with unnecessary bureaucracy and restrictions.


A 0.03% limit to import flowers and leaves would be incredibly restrictive and destroy a domestic industry worth up to £300 million in the UK.


Their list of supporters, is to say the least, impressive

We are involved in the hemp recommendations for the upcoming white paper, by Professor Mike Barnes, that represents our views for the future of the Hemp industry.

The white paper is backed by:

All Party Parliamentary Group For Drug Reform
British Hemp Alliance
Cannabis Health Magazine
Cannabis Trades Association
Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group Drug Science
Labour Campaign For Drugs Reform Mackrell Solicitors
Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society
Northern Ireland Hemp Association
Prohibition Partners
Scottish Hemp Association

Here is the press release in full

CBD press release March - FINAL

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