Buddha head, MDMA & Ketamine smuggled from Berlin to Basel

A drug smuggler has been caught during a border check on a train from Berlin to Basel. Hidden in various cans and a Buddha figure were 13 kilograms of ketamine and one kilogram of MDMA.

The drug smuggler had already fallen into the hands of the so-called German-Swiss Joint Operational Service Group on April 2, as announced by the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security on Monday.

The traveler and the drugs were handed over to the Basel City cantonal police. For tactical investigative reasons, it was decided to wait before informing the media.

During the baggage check, 28 cans and 8 bags containing an initially unknown substance as well as a decorative figure in the shape of a Buddha head were found.

Examination of the Buddha head revealed that narcotics had been hidden inside it and in the other containers.


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