Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) announced today that it has awarded $29,950,494 in public university research grant funding to universities across California.

SACRAMENTO – The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) announced today that it has awarded $29,950,494 in public university research grant funding to universities across California.


“The research conducted through these public university grants will provide critical information for evaluating our legal cannabis system and its impacts,” Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax said. “This research will be a valuable tool to inform future cannabis policy in California.”


Research proposals had to fall within one of the several specified categories, including public health, criminal justice and public safety, economic, environmental impacts, and the cannabis industry. A detailed description of the list of research subjects for grant funding can be found in Revenue and Taxation Code section 34019.


In total, the Bureau received more than 100 applications for grant funds up to $2 million for any specific proposal. After a thorough review process, the nearly $30 million was awarded to the following public universities:



Public UniversityAwarded FundingResearch Proposal
UC San Francisco$2,000,000.00Comprehensive Analysis of Developmental Cannabis Exposure on Brain, Immune, and Sensory Systems
UC Santa Barbara$1,999,191.00Surface Water Emissions from Cannabis Cultivation Sites: Quantity, Quality, Toxicity, and Relationships to Farmers’ Practices
CSU Dominguez Hills$1,866,311.00Cannabis Industry in South Bay Los Angeles
UC Berkeley$1,827,596.00Local Regulation of Cannabis in California
UC Los Angeles$1,429,001.00Impact of Cannabis Potency on The Properties, Composition, and Toxicity of Inhaled and Second-Hand Smoke
UC San Francisco$1,384,466.00Effects of Chronic Cannabis Use on Endothelial Function
UC Irvine$1,351,556.00Exploring Cannabis Policies and Practices That Influence Adolescent Use: Evolution of Local Cannabis Law, Products, Sales, and Marketing
UC San Diego$1,321,833.00The Public Health Impact of Cannabis Legalization in California: A Comprehensive Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis by Age, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Regions
UC Los Angeles$1,082,815.00Assessing the Feasibility and Consequences of Implementing a Cannabis Potency Tax in California
UC San Francisco$1,067,483.00The LEAF Study: Lung Effects and Function Associated with Cannabis Use
UC Los Angeles$1,048,857.00Study of Employment Conditions and Equity in California’s Cannabis Industry
UC San Francisco$1,038,782.00Public Health Impacts of State Policies Mandating Point-of-Sale Warning Signs Regarding Cannabis Use During Pregnancy
UC Davis$1,034,730.00Understanding the Impact of Cannabis Use in Early Psychosis
UC San Diego$987,738.00Evaluating the Impacts of Packaging and Labeling on Cannabis Edible Use among Youth
UC San Francisco$952,540.00California Cannabis Poisonings Under Proposition 64
UC Los Angeles$896,794.00Assessing the Impact of Proposition 64 on Cannabis Use, Maladaptive Cannabis Use, Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment, and Public Health
UC San Diego$887,101.00The Role of Cannabidiol in Anandamide-Related Improvement in Alexithymia and Health Outcomes
UC Los Angeles$781,707.00A Demographic Analysis of the California Licensed Cannabis Industry and Consumer Market
UC Los Angeles$758,517.00The Impact of Cannabis Marketing on California’s Youth: Neuro-Behavioral Studies for Informing Policy
UC Davis$726,816.00Cannabis Industry: Assessment of the Location, Structure, Function, and Demographics of Licensed Cannabis, Focusing on Geographical Price Differences, and Differential Impacts of Local Prop-64 Related Regulations on the Competitiveness of Licensed Businesses
UC Berkeley$658,306.00Transformation of Unregulated Cannabis Cultivation Under Proposition 64
UC Davis$655,564.00Economic Impacts: Market Prices for Licensed and Unlicensed Cannabis and the Effects of the Current and Alternate Cannabis Tax Structures and Tax Rates on the Private and Public Sectors in California, Including Government Administrative Costs and Revenues
UC Davis$562,240.00Environmental Impacts of Cannabis Cultivation in California As Affected by the Farm Economics of Licensed and Unlicensed Cannabis Production, Including Effects of Testing Regulations and Compliance with the Criminal Prohibition of Unlicensed Cannabis
UC Berkeley$489,762.00Assessing Environmental Impacts of Cannabis-Related Noise and Light Disturbance to Inform Management of California Wildlife
UC Berkeley$465,902.00Examining Tribal Sovereignty Over Cannabis Permitting on Native Ancestral Lands
CSU Humboldt$464,997.00Cannabis Business Entrepreneurs and Jobs
UC Los Angeles$414,183.00Understanding the Impact of Cannabis Marketing on Cannabis Use Disparities Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth
UC Berkeley$328,916.00Cultivation Bans, Local Control, and the Effects and Efficacy of Proposition 64
UC Berkeley$319,091.00Cannabis and Wildfire: Current Conditions, Future Threats, and Solutions for Farmers
UC Berkeley$314,417.00Cannabis Water-Use Impacts to Streamflow and Temperature in Salmon-Bearing Streams
UC Berkeley$270,269.00The Effect of Local Cannabis Regulation on Property Prices
UC San Diego$235,039.00Evaluating Risks and Benefits of Cannabis Use by Older Adults: A Pilot Study
CSU Humboldt$183,015.00The Economic Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Rural Northern California
UC Davis$144,949.00California Cannabis Workers: Perceptions, Beliefs, and Knowledge of Occupational Health and Industry Hazards


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