Here’s their latest update……..The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) is pleased to announce that the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has approved the readoption of the emergency Quick Response (QR) Code certificate requirements. This rulemaking action readopts the amendments to sections 5039, 5311, and 5415 of the Bureau’s regulations to require licensed commercial cannabis storefront retailers to prominently display the QR Code certificate on their premises and require licensed commercial cannabis distributor and delivery employees to carry a copy of the QR Code certificate while transporting or delivering commercial cannabis goods. The regulations also provide the size and placement requirements for the QR Code certificate to ensure visibility and customer access to the QR codes.


On December 8, OAL approved the readoption of the emergency regulations and filed them with the Secretary of State, making the regulations effective the same day.

To view approved text of readopted emergency regulations, please click the following link:


You can also view the Bureau’s Finding of Emergency and Notice of Readopt at the following link: