BusinessCANN provide detail on police cannabis bust in Spain that was actually hemp

Here’s the introduction to the BusinessCANN piece

BETWEEN telephone calls, Francisco Carbó continues finalising contracts for E-Canna, the hemp processing company he owns based in Valencia, Spain. On 21 October, the company was the target of an operation by the Spanish Civil Guard, announced by the police as being the biggest marijuana seizure of all time.

In addition to spending three days in jail, Carbó has seen his name published by hundreds of newspapers around the world referring to him and his employees as a ‘gang’, and suggesting that they are a group of thugs, and not an authorised and registered legal activity since the founding of the company in October 2021.

‘There is national persecution regarding the criminalisation and stigmatisation of cannabis. For them, anything to do with hemp is an offence and this is not the case; the authorities are committing abuses. What is happening here is prevarication,’ denounced the businessman.

We contacted the Spanish Civil Guard for comment, but they informed us they are not authorised to provide any information about this case.

My meeting with Carbó took place in Barcelona, ​​where he was visiting for  negotiations on the production of CBD cigarettes. According to him, the demand for E-Canna’s flower and hemp processing biomass products and its technical advisory and legal consulting services has grown by 300% in recent weeks. In fact, his phone hasn’t stopped ringing. ‘Customers saw that I had been released and that the company was continuing to operate, and they understood that we were doing the right thing,’ he says, while showing us a series of documents that were, according to him, proof that his company processes hemp only, and not marijuana, which the police were accusing him of.

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