BusinessCann Report: UK Cannabis Groups Bring Their Calls For Reform To The Heart Of Government

Here’s the introduction to the piece.

It all sound great but let’s be honest the same discussion has been happening in fits and starts over the entire course of this government and there’s also no signs that the Labour party want to change the status quo either.

I imagine BusinessCann will be filing a similar report the next time this happens and the time after that etc etc


LAST week saw two leading UK cannabis organisations gather in the Houses of Parliament as both sought to bring their calls for regulatory reform to the heart of government. 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for CBD Products held its annual general meeting in The House of Commons on Wednesday 30 November, featuring a discussion with a Police & Crime Commissioner on the challenges facing cannabis reform in both government and police services.

The following evening, drug reform organisation Volteface held a private parliamentary launch of its report examining the barriers preventing doctors from prescribing medical cannabis more widely throughout the UK.

While each succeeded in bringing the industry’s priorities to the government’s doorstep, work remains to build meaningful engagement with MPs outside of a few familiar faces.

Law, Order and Cannabis UK

The conservative PCC led an enlightening discussion surrounding the government’s current attitude towards cannabis, and how decisions were made around how cannabis is policed throughout the UK.

They began by referencing a discussion they had had earlier that day in a meeting with the Home Secretary where the ‘figure came up again’ that a third to a half of all crime is drugs related.

“And my reaction to that is of course it is, it’s because we have a ridiculous regulation system in the UK when it comes to drugs”, they told the room, before clarifying that ‘are very, very different views’ among their colleagues on this issue.

UK Cannabis Groups Bring Their Calls For Reform To The Heart Of Government

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