BusinessCann (UK) Ponder On Germany Becoming Europe’s First Recreational Market

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Pia Marten is Co-founder of Cannovum, a Berlin-based importer wholesaler and distributor of medical cannabis, which recently became the first domestic cannabis company to publicly list.

She said: “We are a medical cannabis company however we monitor the political situations and keep up to date with the regulatory situation which is always changing.

“Looking at the General Election I am excited to see what happens, it could introduce some changes in legislation; recreational would have an impact on our business and we are keeping a close eye on this.

“If we get a government with a liberal approach it could happen then it  could make way for recreational use.” 

German cannabis lawyer Kai-Friedrich Niermann said: “We have had medical cannabis since 2017 and we are now preparing for the big cannabis reform In September.  The Federal elations are taking place and we assuming the Green Party will come into power and legalise cannabis from next year.”

But let’s not get too excited

However, Mr Neumeyer believes that even if the political consensus for cannabis becomes clear after the General Election it could still take up to four years – the lifetime of the Parliament – to shape the required legislation.

He added: “Germany has a reputation for its adherence to regulations so it will take some time to build up the legislation.

“You just have to look at CBD and hemp market and see how far Germany is behind on that.”

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Is Germany Set To Become Europe’s First Recreational Cannabis Market?

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