C21 Announces Appointment of CB1 Capital’s Todd Harrison to its Board of  Directors; Change of Auditor 

C21 Announces Appointment of CB1 Capital’s Todd Harrison to its Board of  Directors; Change of Auditor

VANCOUVER, January 29, 2020 – C21 Investments Inc. (CSE: CXXI and OTCQX: CXXIF) (“C21” or the “Company”), a leading vertically integrated cannabis company, today announced  that CB1 Capital Management’s Chief Investment Officer, Todd Harrison, will join the  Company’s Board of Directors.

Chairman, Bruce Macdonald: “We are thrilled to have Todd joining the team. Todd is the  consummate professional, a leading mind in the industry, and brings vast capital markets  experience to our Board. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Todd for the last two years and we are fully aligned in our vision and growth strategy for C21.”

Mr. Harrison brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the Company’s Board, both through his  near 30 years on Wall Street—as VP at Morgan Stanley to President of Cramer Berkowitz—as  well as through his current role as Chief Investment Officer of CB1 Capital Management. He is  also an author and Emmy award-winning executive producer for his work at financial media  company, Minyanville. Mr. Harrison founded CB1 Capital Management in 2017 – an investment  advisory firm that invests in stocks focused on cannabinoid-based wellness solutions and other  cannabis-based bio-pharmaceutical applications, therapies, and other use-cases. Mr. Harrison has  lectured at numerous academic institutions, has appeared on CNBC, CNN, FOX, Bloomberg TV,  and has been featured across numerous publications and platforms.

CIO of CB1 Capital Management, Todd Harrison: “It’s remarkable what C21 has accomplished  in the last year despite the unique operational complexities caused by the pandemic. I look forward  to helping the Company navigate the emerging U.S landscape and execute on its growth strategy.”

The Company also announces the resignation of Board member and former CEO, Robert Cheney.  The Company appreciates his dedication and important contributions building the foundation of  C21 and wishes Rob the best in his future endeavours.

Change of Auditor:

The Company announced that it has changed its auditor from Davidson & Company LLP (“Davidson & Company”) to Baker Tilly US, LLP (“Baker Tilly”), effective January 19, 2021.  At the request of the Company, Davidson & Company resigned as the Company’s auditor effective January 19, 2021 and the Board of Directors appointed Baker Tilly as the Company’s  auditor effective January 19, 2021.

Chairman, Bruce Macdonald: “The Company would like to thank Davidson & Company for their  services and guidance. We are pleased to work with Baker Tilly, a Top 10 Global Accounting  Firm, to help us navigate the evolving U.S. industry landscape.”

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